Stereotypes About Teenagers

More than A LabelEveryone knows there are TONS of stereotypes about teenagers. They are everywhere, you can’t help but know most of them. But they are also SO untrue! There are the clique stereotypes: jock, geek, prep, emo, goth, and way more. Then there are stereotypes on how teenagers act: always partying, do drugs and drink alcohol, girls that are boy crazy, all sleeping around, all of them are stupid, etc.  Personally, I disagree with all these stereotypes.

Sometimes, I think people just forget that we are people too and we’re a mix of different things and we are all different. Me? I’m definitely a mix of so many stereotypes: I am one of the first people to call me a nerd, but not that typical nerd. I am smart, I have straight A’s, I care about school, I do not have a huge social life.  

BUT I don’t just care about school!  And I don’t look like a stereotypical nerd; I love makeup and shopping for new, cute clothes.  I wear contacts, I love hanging out with my friends, etc. I can also be described as a typical teenage girl but I’m not. I  do love shopping, makeup, boys, listening to top 40 music, and gossiping. I’m also the person to hurt someone if they hurt a loved one; I am honestly so mean to my own friends. I dislike backstabbers, liars, people who hurt others, and people who just completely support stereotypes.

Obviously, I don’t like these teenager stereotypes. And I’m sure many others don’t. It hurts people, and causes so many social problems within a group of people. I know there are people who seem like the ultimate stereotype for a group and they really aren’t. At least not when you get to know them. Some of the best people I know could probably be the representative for that stereotype but underneath it all, they are so amazing and awesome and great and all those good words. Because they are just such a surprise to know that they aren’t just that one stereotype. That they are real people and they have different sides to them. It just so happens they fulfill the characteristics of a stereotype. So I’m honestly not hating on people. But you have to admit, there are a lot of problems with these stereotypes.

Did you know there’s a book on these problems? It’s in the library! More than a Label by Aisha Muharrar. Check it out!

-Teresa, 14, Teen Center Advisor 🙂

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