Duct Tape: The Ultimate Bored Person's Savior

Duct Tape Mania!

Duct tape: use it to fix air ducts, car bumpers, keep side view mirrors on, get rid of lint on clothing, keep couches intact, keep your little sibling quiet or in one spot, or whatever else you need to keep together, out, shut, up or any other direction you can think of.  These are all things people generally use duct tape for and why not? It’s strong, water-proof, reliable and that unforgettable grey color! And if you never cared for grey or wished your duct tape matched your car, couch, curtains or whatever you fixed with duct tape that wasn’t duct tape grey, duct tape comes in lots of different colors and patterns.

And now that the rainbow has decorated duct tape you can just take  a roll of you favorite color when you’re bored and make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ties, dresses, book bags, wallets and anything else you want or need.  Which is exactly what we did at the Magnolia branch library recently.  A bunch of teens got together and listened to music and played with duct tape!  It was a lot of fun.  I made a tie and bracelet, one girl made a wallet with the british flag on it, and one made an Elmo wallet, and our teen librarian made some earrings!  Im glad that duct tape exists!  I mean how could we live if duct tape didn’t exist?  It fixes everything and you can make anything out of it if you have enough of it.

Colors of the Rainbow

There are some great duct tape project books at the library to give you more ideas of things to make!

Written by teen blogger, Freyja =^..^=

Teen Volunteer at the Magnolia Branch

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