The Library Can Help You Watch Television

Gilmore GirlsRecently I have been watching two great TV shows that aired a few years ago. In many ways they are very different from each other, but both are based in a small towns and focus on relationships.  And I got them both from the library!

One of the shows is called GILMORE GIRLS, which is about a young mom who is raising her daughter with the help of her small town community in New England. In some ways I think watching this show has helped me improve my relationship with my own mom because the mom and daughter are patient with each other and never stop communicating. I also like how their small town is an important part of their lives.

Friday Night LightsAnother show I have enjoyed watching lately is called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, which is about a small town in Texas and its passion about high school football. Some of my friends who have watched it did not like it, but I loved it, probably because I have a brother that plays high school football. However, the show is not just about football; it’s about relationships and the challenges people go through trying to achieve their dreams.

Both of these shows have made me interested in possibly living in a small town some day. Obviously there are good and bad things about living in a small town or large city, but I like the small town support and closeness that these shows portrayed.

If YOU have not watched either of these shows, check them out today!

-Taylor, age 14, Teen Center Advisor











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