Mid-Winter Break Activities…and beyond!



For mid-winter break I know a lot of you guys are wondering what to do.  Well, there are a lot of good movies that are out (or will be shortly), as well as events and books. 

For movies we have The Woman in Black, Chronicles, Star Wars, Project X, Hunger Games, and The Bully Project

  • The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliff, who if you didn’t know (what rock have you been under?) played Harry in Harry Potter.  It should be a great movie to watch just to see if he can break out of that role as Harry.
  • The Chronicle seems awesome because it involves teens with powers and the mischief they get into and how their powers are used badly. 
  • But if you like big parties then Project X is a movie you should see.  It involves teens throwing this huge party that goes completely crazy. 
  • But if you’re not into big parties then you should see the Hunger Games.  If you liked the books (how could you not?) then check out the movie. 
  • For people into classics, check out Star Wars in 3D.  How cool is that? 
  • On a more serious note, The Bully Project is a movie everyone should see.  It focuses on kids being bullied and what happens to them and maybe if you bully someone you’ll get a glimpse at what they might feel and maybe you’ll stop.

Books:  Looking for something new to read? 
Then get in line for these six fabulous books so you can read them over break:

Not wanting to be stuck inside reading or watching a movie?Rat City Rollergirls
Then here are some activities you might like:

This post brought to you by the Columbia Branch Teen Advisory Group (TAG).

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