The Best of TV

Even when life is being a bear, television shows are always there to take the viewer away from the trials and tribulations of their own life, much like a book.  There are so many genres of shows now that people can choose to laugh their heads off and be put in a better mood, or be amazed by fantastical lands and creatures.  Alternatively, a viewer can get caught up in the far more interesting lives of spies and assassins or be drawn into the gossip and backstabbing typical of drama shows.  No matter what your mood, there is always a great TV show to watch.

I have a penchant for action shows and one of my favorites is Covert Affairs.  Annie Walker is a female CIA operative fresh out of training who has recently been promoted because of her ability to speak more than ten different languages.  One of her most trusted friends is Auggie Anderson, who was blinded as a soldier.  Auggie acts as her tech person on missions, teaches her the ropes around her new job, and always has her back.  Although Annie leads an incredible double life she decides to keep it a secret from her sister Danielle, whom she lives with, to keep her safe.  Throughout the series Annie is assigned tasks that are critical to national security and she successfully completes them with her martial arts skills, charm, and quick thinking.  I guarantee at least one explosion, high speed car chase or intense fight scene per episode.

When I’m in the mood for fantasy but still want a bit of action I watch one of my other favorites, the British show Merlin.  This is a spin on the traditional tale of King Arthur and is a prequel, since Arthur is only a prince and his father Uther is still king. The series starts out with a young adult Merlin arriving in Camelot.  Although he finds Arthur an arrogant bully, Merlin ends up saving the King and the Prince’s life.  Merlin is rewarded by being appointed Prince Arthur’s personal servant.  Keeping his magic powers a secret for fear of being executed according to the laws of Camelot, Merlin slowly befriends the Prince while he studies magic with the court physician Gaius.  Many of Arthur and Merlin’s adventures are based on the classic stories of Camelot and notable characters in the stories such as Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, Morgana and Sir Gwaine all play roles in the TV series.  All in all the series is filled with chivalry, bravery, budding romance, revenge and friendship that will captivate the viewer.

Some days I just need to laugh to my heart’s content and the comedy Modern Family hits the spot.  There are three families that are related and each are distinct in their own way.  One family has a controlling mom named Claire, laid back dad named Phil, typical teenager Haley, bookworm middle child Alex, and an energetic young son named Luke.  The second family is a gay couple, with Mitchell being an environmental attorney and his partner Cameron being a dramatic stay at home dad to their adopted Vietnamese baby Lily.  The third family consists of Jay, who is the father of Claire and Mitchell and remarries a thirty-something attractive Colombian woman named Gloria. She has a thirteen- year-old son named Manny who acts more mature than his age.  Each character plays out certain defining characteristics that are individually amusing, but when they interact with each other they create funny situations.

– Rebecca, 16, Teen Center Advisor

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