A real live teen solves your problems

My friends have asked me a lot of interesting questions lately, so I decided to write an Ask Me column!  If you have a question, send it to teenblog@spl.org.  Of course, please keep in mind that this is just friendly advice!  You should talk to your parents or a trusted adult if you really need help.


Dear Taylor,

I was sitting in class the other day and watched some guys talk to each other. Then when they talked with me they acted completely different than they had with each other. Why?

~ Confused Girl 122

Dear Confused Girl 122,

The Girls' Book of LoveWell, to be honest, I know I act differently with someone when I am trying to impress them, so perhaps they were trying to impress you? Flirting happens, especially between teenage boys and girls. We all know it is important to just be ourselves, but it is always easier to be ourselves with people we know really well. For example, I have known my best friend since I was age three, so I act differently around her than I do with people I do not know as well because she brings out the little kid in me. There is a book from the library you might find interesting and helpful called The Girls’ Book of Love.


Dear Taylor,

The Teen Survival Guide to Dating & RelatingI have had some situations in high school lately when I have accidentally made someone feel like the “odd person out.” For example, I took someone’s regular seat at a four person table without realizing it. Also, I joined a group for a class project and then the teacher told us our group was too big and someone had to leave. I was about to offer to leave when everyone else in the group asked another person to leave. I felt so badly for them. Should I talk to them and apologize?

~ Awkward

Dear Awkward,

High school is tough. There will always be awkward moments, especially when you try to make new friends or fit into a new group. The next time you accidentally make someone feel like the “odd person out”, ask them if they are OK and perhaps offer to move or leave. Try The Teen Survival Guide to Dating & Relating for some guidance.


–Taylor, 14, teen blogger

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