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Teen Review: Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince - book coverTitle & Author: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (2nd in the Infernal Devices Trilogy)

I started reading it because… it was the sequel to another great book by Clare.

I kept reading it because… it picks up right at the intensity level the first book ended with, and continues to rise.

Main characters’ Yearbook “Awards”:
Tessa — Most Likely to Be Coveted By A Villain¬†
Will — Most Likely to Remain Friendless
Jem — Most Likely to Die Young

Six word review: Steampunky, love-triangle heroine hunting villains. 

This book reminded me of:
Soulless by Gail Carrigan (total reflection)

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers (just a little bit — only the love triangle part, though there are a few werewolves and vampires in this one.)

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (steampunk & great female lead)

¬†–Maddie, Teen Center Advisor