I Get All My News From Jon Stewart

Every weeknight, except for Fridays, Jon Stewart does a half-hour segment of The Daily Show. There’s always an interview segment, and everyone from A-list actors to renowned astrophysicists come onto his show. Stewart presents his own unique view of American politics in a funny, relatable way. His view is that of a hypochondriac Jew who has lived in and around New York City for his entire life.

I am extremely entertained by Jon Stewart because I understand where he’s coming from. My dad is from NYC, so he has a similar attitude and he is also Jewish. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a Democrat. One thing Stewart does especially well is calling people on the stupid things they do. He voices what everyone is thinking, and manages to be funny at the same time. That being said, he does present a fairly one-sided view of situations. Watching him, I have to wonder why everyone else doesn’t see the things he points out.

There are some areas that Stewart does not cover with the same depth that he does the U.S. presidential election. One example of this is his coverage of foreign affairs. Having watched his show for the past couple of months, I still don’t have a concrete grasp of what is going on in Syria. I know there’s conflict, and I know a little bit about why, but that’s it. However, if I picked up a newspaper and read it for only a few minutes, I would know.

The benefit of Jon Stewart is not complete coverage of everything that’s happening. His show takes the issues that are most important to modern U.S. Democrats and shows why they’re important. He manages to make serious situations less so, and because of that, he makes discussing issues more normal-person friendly. One thing I admire about him is that he doesn’t only poke fun at politicians, but also at other news sources. He points out what their sources are, often showing mistakes or biases. Another thing his show does exceptionally well is exaggerating peoples’ views in order to show how ridiculous they are. Often, small ideas seem intelligent, but when expanded upon or looked at within the big picture, they seem improbable and foolish.

Overall, Stewart’s show is a good, yet biased place to get news. If people are Democrats, they will enjoy it and find it humorous. If they’re Republicans, not so much.

By Roxanne, Teen Advisor
Northeast Branch

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