Calling all Otaku to Sakura-Con!

It’s that time of year, once again.  The mighty Sakura-Con is come to Seattle.

Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well-attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. Sakura-Con features cultural exploration and education through traditional and contemporary media, arts and entertainment. Sakura-Con includes: musical performances, Guest of Honor participation, discussion panels, games, contests, theaters, traditional Asian arts and an exhibitors’ hall.”  (from the ANCEA website.)

I’m so excited!  Despite the fact that I can’t get any other library staffers to go with me (why oh why don’t they understand the awesomeness that is manga/anime?!?) I am all geared up for two full days of attendance.  This will be my fourth year going and the con just gets better and better.  In previous years I have cosplayed as characters from Fullmetal Alchemist, Read or Die, Ouran High School Host Club and Karate Kid (don’t mock me, I’m a child of the 80s and proud of it!).  😀


How about you?  Any favorite cosplays?  What do you think about Sakura-Con?  Have you been?  Is it a total drag that you have to be chaperoned if you’re under 18 or have you found a happy medium of supervision?  Have a favorite place to be?  I personally LOVE the Manga Library and have spent a lot of time in there!  Uwajimaya always brings their A-game, too…so much wonderful snackage in one place!

Even if you can’t attend, there are lots of easy ways to get your daily fix of Japanese culture.  Crunchyroll and netcomics being two of my current (and legitimate) favorites.

As always, the library has lots of materials to support every addicti– I mean interest!  Despite the recent slowing of American publishing of manga (criminal, I say) the library is still adding everything it can to our shelves.  Check it out!

Hope to see you there.  I’ll be the one wandering around in my Touhou “Bad Apple” T-Shirt, or maybe Blue Exorcist (if I can get the outfit together in time!)

Ja ne!

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