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Spring Break Non-Required Reading

World War Z coverStill struggling with what to read over spring break? Well fear not, you have half the week left and the Teen Center Advisors have come up with a slew of ideas for you. Spring break is a time to read new books that you may have never even heard of, or maybe even a try reading an unexplored genre. It's Not Summer without You coverIf there are any books on this list that you haven’t heard of, I urge you to look into them further, and hopefully read them. You should always push yourself to try new things, and books are no exception to this rule.

–Zeke, 15, Teen Center Advisor

Book Shorts: Mastiff



Title:  Mastiff

Author:  Tamora Pierce

Summary:  Beka, having just lost her fiance in a slaver’s raid, is able to distract herself by going with her team on an important hunt at the queen’s request, unaware that the throne of Tortall depends on their success.

I started reading it because…  I love this author, and read everything she writes, and this is the third and final book of the Beka Cooper series, which is awesome. The first two are called Terrier and Bloodhound.

I kept reading because…  Beka is a really interesting person, and she’s working on a tough mystery in a fascinating world. I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to find out what would happen next, and if my guess about the traitor’s identity was right (spoiler: it wasn’t!).

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To:  Arrest kidnappers and throw them in jail.

Six Word Recap:  Teenage cop solves international magical crime

This book reminded me of…  other Tamora Pierce books, for obvious reasons, and also, the Enola Holmes mysteries by Nancy Springer, because both series have a female protagonist who consistently gets overlooked by the world around her, until she bests everyone and wins the day.

Websites of interest:  http://www.tamora-pierce.com/