"Must See" Drama

A Single Man

 A Single Man is one of the most awesome movies that I have ever seen. It talks about an English professor who finds it hard to focus on his job after losing the true love of his life, Jim.  Although the movie is based on a stream of consciousness book, it is easy to follow.  It’s full of great actors.  In fact, Colin Firth was Oscar-nominated for his leading role in this movie.  It’s a great puzzle.  Yet, it’s clear and concise.  I did not hear about this movie until I was about thirteen.  I did not watch it until I was about seventeen.  It was worth the wait; it’s fresh, new and retro.  I loved it and I’m sure you’ll love it. 

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is a typical 1980’s movie.  But it honestly is the best one of them all.  It centers on a girl named Andy who is a senior in high school, and she needs a date to the prom.  Even though the most rich and popular kid at school asks her out, she declines because he’s selfish and arrogant.  And no one can forget her colorful friend Duckie who has a huge crush on her, but is afraid to tell because of her reaction.  Eventually, Andy meets Blaine, a rich yet shy senior who she falls madly in love with. Although sometimes Blaine doesn’t know what the right thing to say is and the two sometimes end up fighting.  In the end, the two find each other.  And they live happily ever after.  It’s a classic because it features the brat pack.  Rent it, Own it, Love it.

Gilmore Girls

Even though some people think that Gilmore Girls is stupid, they are wrong.  This is the most awesome  TV series EVER!  I mean Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are hilarious.  And don’t even get me started on the inhabitants of Stars Hollow.  There’s Taylor Dosey, the self-appointed town leader of Stars Hollow that everyone loves to hate.  There’s Miss Patty who did Broadway decades ago and now owns a “dance studio.”  There’s Babette and Maury who are such opposites that it’s a wonder sometimes how they make a couple.  And then there’s Luke, the owner of the local diner who has an on and off again relationship with Lorelai.  So many stories.  So many tears.  Gilmore Girls has it all!

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