The Darkest Powers Reviewed


The Summoning is the first book in the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong.  This book is about a girl named Chloe who is sent to a home for teens who are, well, crazy.  Well later do we find out that this “home” is really run by a bad group called the Edison group, who really wanted to monitor the progress theses teens made because they have supernatural powers. This book is wonderful. The writer really knows how to keep the readers engaged.  I re-read this book twice and I still love it!  Chloe is a great character and Simon (sorcerer) and his brother Derek (werewolf) are great companions to her in this book.

 The Awakening is the second book to the Darkest Powers series. In this book Chloe, Simon, Derek, and Rachel escape the Edison group. Not long after Chloe and Rachel get caught and are sent to the Edison’s group main lab.  There Chloe makes friends with the witch Tori from the last book and the two of them try to escape.  This book is pretty good.  I can honestly say I like it better than the first.


The Reckoning is the final book to the Darkest Powers series.  This is when Chloe fights to understand her feelings for Derek and Simon while at the same time trying to stop the Edison group and save her aunty.  This book ends the Darkest Powers series. I like this book a lot and I love the ending but I still wish for more.  The book is well written and fun to read.  This book is really a page turner.

The Gathering is another book by Kelley Armstrong. This is the first book in the Darkness Rising series. This book is about a girl named Maya who lives in a small town, and everything is fine until a new kid comes to town. Once he meets Maya and they hang out everything in her world changes. This book is awesome and I can’t wait until the second one.


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