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Unforgettable Reads: Draper, Naylor & Blume


Romiette and Julio

Romiette and Julio was my first Sharon Draper book. It’s a bit similar to Romeo and Juliet, the whole star-crossed lovers theme. Except that Romiette is an African American and Julio is Mexican. Because they’re from two different worlds, their friends and family believe that they should not mix. But their love is so strong.  And it trespasses obstacles.  Their love keeps going strong.  Whether they suffer the same fate as the iconic Romeo and Juliet is for you to find out yourself.  So read this book.

The Alice series means so much to me.  I grew up with them.  Even though Alice was white and I was African,  Alice and I had a lot in common.  I love how she was able to get out of any situation.  The first Alice book that I read was Alice in Rapture, Sort Of.  That was an awesome book.  That is where my journey with her started.  In that book, Alice goes on her first date with Patrick.  A series of events go wrong but in the end, Alice is delighted to find out that Patrick likes her for herself.  From then on, the two are seen as a couple.  There are so many Alice Books that it’s impossible to finish them all.  Even though I started reading them in seventh grade, I am in 11thgrade and I still read them from time to time.  Try one out.  

Are you there, God? It's Me, Margaret

Judy Blume is like a rite of passage.  I mean if you are a tween or a teen – you need to read Judy Blume.  No matter what you are going through: love, friendship, relationships or even religion, Judy Blume has a story for you.  Judy Blume is the real version of a Fairy Godmother.  Her books are timeless.  Judy Blume is truly awesome and an icon for all tweens and teens.  Obviously I love her, but honestly it’s impossible to not like a Judy Blume book.

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