Seattle Art Museum: The Gauguin Exhibit

 Recently, I went to see the Gauguin and Polynesia exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. I wasn’t very familiar with his work but it was very interesting to see the exhibit. I listened to the audio tour while I was walking around the exhibit and I learned a lot about Gauguin’s life, specifically about his life in Tahiti. I actually found his life very fascinating and he was a lot different than I had thought before. One of the pieces in the exhibit was a replica of his house, which was located next to a girl’s school, and the doorway had some obscene phrases on it, which surprised me a lot.

My favorite piece was called “Flowers and Cats”. It was very different from the rest of the exhibit and didn’t seem to have a lot to do with Polynesia but I still liked it. I definitely recommend this exhibit. Unfortunately, it is only at the SAM until April 29th. If you aren’t able to go to the museum you can still read about Gauguin and his exhibitions. Enjoy!

–Review by Maddie, teen blogger, Northeast TAG

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