Teen Review: One Second After


 One Second After, by William R. Forstchen, is one of my favorite books. The main story is a “what if” scenario; what would happen if an EMP went off in America? An EMP disables all electronics permanently. All electronics, telephones, even modern cars would stop working. In one second, America has been sent back into the Dark Ages. The story revolves around John. He and his small community survive with almost no food, electricity or medicine, and they are constantly attacked by bandits and looters. 80% don’t make it the first year. John must find the will to go on and become a leader, as the town looks up to him. What I like about this book is that it is a plausible scenario that not many Americans know about. One politician called it a book that every American should read. This book provides a realistic situation and what people and society would do if their lives were endangered every day.

Review by Fabio, Teen Advisor
Northeast Branch


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