Teen Review: The Adventure of the Red-Headed League

 The Adventure of the Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The second short story in the anthology The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is mostly dialogue-driven. The Red-Headed League is another hilarious story revolving around the quick wit of Sherlock Holmes as described by his ever-loyal companion Dr. John Watson. This story is by far the most outrageous I’ve read in the series so far but it nonetheless excellently written.

The story centers around an obese red-headed pawnbroker named Jabez Wilson. As business has been slow for him recently, he has been working a second job which has required him to be away for four hours each morning. Though the precise—and I mean precise—circumstances and requirements of the job are exceedingly abnormal, Wilson performs his work faithfully for the Red-Headed League. However, eight weeks after Wilson begins his new job, the Red-Headed League is apparently dissolved and Wilson consults Sherlock Holmes to find out why.

Through little effort, amazing wit, hilarious dialogue, and just a pinch of sleuthing, Holmes not only solves the mystery but prevents a bank robbery and apprehends a notorious and prolific criminal.

This story is an easy read and even a slow reader like me can read it in an hour or so. It’s best enjoyed on a sunny day outside to complement the shock of red hair of the story’s client. Maybe not as brilliant as A Scandal in Bohemia, I can promise that this short story is every bit as hilarious.

Review by Phillip, teen blogger

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