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Teen Review: Point Blank

Point BlankTitle and author: Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz

I started reading it because . . . I had seen the movie Stormbreaker, which is the first book in the series, and was hooked on the action and adventure.

I kept reading because . . . I liked the exciting new location (the French Alps) and wanted to know how the main character Alex would accomplish his dangerous international mission.

If the main character  was in a yearbook, he would be voted:  Most Likely to Save the Day With Some Crazy Heroic Stunt.

Six word recap: British teen investigates French boarding school.

This book reminded me of:  other spy and action tv series such as Covert Affairs, which deals with CIA missions, and Nikita, which deals with a black ops assassin team.  The main characters often go to dangerous places to do missions that have international impact.

 –Rebecca, Teen Center Advisor