Teens' privacy from their parents

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 I am a high school senior and a volunteer at the Delridge Branch Library. My research paper for my senior project was about social networking. I discovered an interesting article in the Opposing Viewpoints In Context database, “Teens Have a Right to Privacy from Parents”. This article supports teen privacy from their parents and tells parents to respect their teen’s privacy. Here is my opinion on that subject.

Parents worry about their teen’s safety. To make sure that their teen is not in danger they might sneak into their Facebook accounts, read their emails, check their cell phones or go through their bags. Although I understand that parents do all these things because they don’t want to see their teen get hurt, I don’t believe these are the best solutions to the problem.

It is impossible for parents to control each and every single movement of their teen. Instead, parents need to teach their children values so they can make good decisions. Then parents should let their teen know that they trust them and have confidence in them to take care of themselves in any situation. When parents want to get involved in their teen lives they should ask for their permission and make their teen feel free to ask for help whenever they need to.

I am writing this from my experience. My parents believe in me no matter what I do. They tell me that I have to keep myself out of trouble on my own, but whenever I need help, I don’t hesitate to talk to them. I know that they are always there for me. Therefore, I believe it is very important to show your teen you trust them by respecting their privacy.

Seattle teens, what do you think, how should parents respect your privacy?

Teen Blogger, 18, Delridge Branch

One thought on “Teens' privacy from their parents

  1. Carmen

    Bear in mind that parents are often held accountable for their children’s actions. For example, state law in Washington holds parents responsible when their children – under the age of 18 – willfully or maliciously injure someone or deface/destroy property, with fines up to $5000. Preventing these actions is the parents’ responsibility.

    Whether or not it is necessary to invade your children’s privacy to prevent such incidents is debatable, but I would argue that it is not up to a minor teen alone to “keep [themselves] out of trouble”. Perhaps if the law were changed to hold only the minor responsible for their own actions!


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