Book Review: Kite Runner

I recently read The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. It was a really good book filled with friendship, guilt, and heroism. The first part of the book take place in late 1970’s Afghanistan. The second part takes place in 1990’s America and the third part takes place back in Afghanistan. The book is centered around Amir and his servant and best friend Hassan.

Through the first part of the book Amir is a rich boy who is looking for his father’s love. His best friend is Hassan who is also his servant. Assef is the bully who Amir is too afraid to confront. Hassan though stands up to Assef. Amir also plays in kite fighting competitions and one day wins the tournament. His father finally gives his love to Amir, but something happens which will forever change Amir. The second part of the book is about Amir and his dad escaping to America after the Soviets invade Afghanistan. Here Amir must find a new life for himself.

The Kite Runner was a heart-touching book that constantly made me want to read more.  Make sure to check out the book, or the movie (or both!).

Fabio, Teen Advisor
Northeast Branch

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