Fan Art @ the Library!


My name is Aviva, and I’m 12 years old, going into 7th grade.  The summer before 6th grade, I moved from Massachusetts (where I’d been living my whole life) to Seattle. I started drawing manga in 4th grade, teaching myself little by little by observing the art in graphic novels and animes.  Now, I’m a lot better and am fairly desperate to share my work and/or meet other manga artists my age.


Blue Haired & Spanish Girl

Blue Haired Girl:
This was a drawing that I wanted to put in my school binder for decoration, because I had to give the old one away to a friend. I wanted her to look cute and small, maybe a nine year old, but she could be anywhere from 8-13 years old. I used Copic Markers and Copic Multiliners to make the drawing.

Spanish girl:
I’m dedicating this drawing to a seven year old girl that’s like a sister to me. I got a book of filled with pages of figure outlines with simple facial features from her for Christmas (the drawing came from the book). Because the facial structure and proportions were already printed on the page, all I did was the hair and clothes, and colored everything with colored pencils that came with the book. 



This is a pretty simple drawing of one of my favorite mangas, Pretear. The girl in the drawing, Himeno, is the main character. I made most of the drawing over a year ago, but retraced the lines and shaded in the hair a few weeks ago, after finding it in one of my old sketchbooks.




This drawing was originally inspired by a picture in a bonus story in an awesome manga called Lovely Complex (Love Com).  I liked the eyes on the girl in the picture a lot, so I used them for this drawing. Like the Himeno drawing, I started the drawing over a year ago, and finished it a few weeks ago.


This is a version of a character from a manga called ChocoMimi. Her name is Bambi. I made the background pretty much because I was unsatisfied with the drawing not having one. Although, I almost stopped halfway through making it because it was taking such a long time. For this drawing, I used Copic Markers, Copic Multiliners, and an assortment of colorful pens. Also, I used white out for the stitches on her shorts.

Aviva @ Northgate

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