Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

Today's Library Happenings

Check out the awesome events we have planned for teens all around the city today…at practically the same time! Sadly, you’ll have to choose just one…or drive really fast!  :D  You can always look at the calendar on our website for more details.

2:00 pm

Bookmaking for Teens @ Magnolia
Instructors from the Seattle Center for Book Arts show you how to take your ideas and turn them into a unique book. All materials and supplies provided. Groups and drop-ins welcome. For ages 12+.

mAke A bOoK

2:30 pm

Game On! @ Delridge
Come to the Library for board games, Kinect, Wii play and Mario Kart! Move with the music, hit a home run, cheer on other gamers, and meet other teens. Whether you are a gaming expert or a newbie, here is your chance to get some game time. For ages 12-18.

The Art of Henna @ Greenwood
Create and wear great-looking art! Get a henna design while you explore traditional and modern henna with artist Anjali Remme. For ages 10+. Continue reading

Teen Review: Brain Surgeon

Brain Surgeon

I’m recommending this 222 page book to you due to the fact that I read it several years ago and still recall the sense of inspiration it left me with.  Brain Surgeon, written by Keith Black, M.D. shows first hand what it’s like to step through the doors of an Operating Room (O.R.) and into a neurosurgery.  Keith Black grew up as a poor African American boy who, along with his brother, was raised by his mother. He struggled in school and tried to give up.  If it wasn’t for the love and guidance of Keith’s mother, Lillian, he might have.  However, not having money didn’t stop Keith from chasing his dreams and developing a keen interest in science and medicine. Continue reading