Teen Review: Brain Surgeon

Brain Surgeon

I’m recommending this 222 page book to you due to the fact that I read it several years ago and still recall the sense of inspiration it left me with.  Brain Surgeon, written by Keith Black, M.D. shows first hand what it’s like to step through the doors of an Operating Room (O.R.) and into a neurosurgery.  Keith Black grew up as a poor African American boy who, along with his brother, was raised by his mother. He struggled in school and tried to give up.  If it wasn’t for the love and guidance of Keith’s mother, Lillian, he might have.  However, not having money didn’t stop Keith from chasing his dreams and developing a keen interest in science and medicine.

Currently Keith Black is a world renowned neurosurgeon who is both a surgeon and a professor at Cedars-Sinai in California and has been since 1997. Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai Keith worked with the faculty of the University of California, Los Angeles for ten years. Aside from his surgical work Keith is also a skilled scientist whose ground-breaking research helped design better ways to open the blood-brain barrier. He’s also been the source of many great articles and books over the years and has served to become one of the many inspirations to young people wishing to go into the medical field today. 

Brain Surgeon isn’t just for those who have a passion for medicine but also those who have a passion and possess compassion for others. Through Keith’s book you’ll get to see a man who’s worked many years to help people with life-threatening conditions. May you, too, be inspired by the amazing journey on which this book will take you.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you read this book!

–Kendall, Teen Blogger

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