Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

Four on a Theme: Resistance

 Looking over our list of scavenger hunt books for this year’s summer reading program, I realized we have three novels that show teens resisting their society’s rules.  In Delirium, Lena meets a boy who is actively fighting against the medical procedure that cures everyone of love.  In Matched, Cassia thinks she is going to marry her oldest, best friend, but a computer glitch (or is it?) reveals another boy’s face to her, forcing her to choose between them; either way, her choice means she can no longer trust her government.  In Little Brother, Marcus and his friends are caught up in a Homeland Security sweep after a terrorist attack in San Francisico, and when they are finally released, they plot some serious revenge.

If your own teen rebelliousness is stirred up by these books, you may enjoy these other four teen titles featuring young heros and heroines fighting their governments. Continue reading