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Teen Reviews: Beauty Queens

Beauty QueensTitle and Author: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

I started reading this book because . . . I had liked other books by this author.

I continued reading because . . . I was drawn into the intriguing format of the book and liked the subtle critique of beauty pageants while also highlighting the positive aspects of pageants.

Yearbook Awards: Taylor, Miss Texas, would be voted “Most Likely to Be the Next Gun-Toting President.” Adina, Miss New Hampshire, would be voted “Most Likely To Hate Beauty Pageants.”

Six word recap: Beauty queens use skills to survive.

This book reminded me of . . . a cross between Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm.  It is similar to Lord of the Flies because of the plot of a plane crashing and forcing teenagers to have to survive on their own.  At the same time, Beauty Queens also critiques the corporate system of products and reality television, which is like the social commentary through analogy in Animal Farm.

–Rebecca, Teen Center Adviser