Teen Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (Movie)

Snow White is a tale that’s been told far beyond the time of its creation, it’s a tale that’s loved by young and old, so how can the movie possibly compare you ask?  While skilled director Rupert Sanders kept most of the details the same he did a magnificent job of transforming the retelling of Snow White in an all new light.

Snow White & the Huntsman begins in Tabor where princess Snow White lives.  Snow White lives with her parents, King Magnus and Queen Eleanor.  After the death of his wife the King marries Ravenna after rescuing her from the Dark Army, an invading force of glass soldiers.  Ravenna is known for her youthful beauty.  Time goes by and then the movie reveals that Ravenna is evil.  Her sole wish is to stay forever young, yet her beauty begins to fade with time Ravenna realizes the cause of this is Snow White for she is the prettiest one of all.

Snow White quickly learns the vile nature of her step-mother and her brother, Finn.  Before it’s too late she realizes she must escape from Ravenna’s control or risk being killed.  The unimaginable occurs as Snow White flees with the aid of her friends both old and new.  Due to her beauty and gentle nature people and animals alike flock in numbers to help her.  Many have even heard of Ravenna’s uprising and the mysterious death of King Magnus.  Aside from the great graphics and special affects the ending to the movie is simply wonderful.  You’ll have to rent or go to see this film in order to find out what is to become of Snow White.

Kendall, Teen Blogger

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