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Teen Review: Dope Sick

Dope SickTitle and Author: Dope Sick by Walter Dean Myers.

I started reading this book because . .  I was going to an event for the author and wanted to read one of his books before then.

I kept on reading because . . . it was interesting to see into the mind and life of a man who is involved in a bad drug deal.

If the main character Jeremy was in a year book he would be voted: Most Likely To Be a Drug Dealer.

Six word recap: Creepy dude shows Jeremy his mistakes.

This book reminded me of . . . Actually, this book is pretty different from most books I have read.  In some ways it is similar to Wintergirls and Thirteen Reasons Why because they all go into the thoughts of someone very different from myself who I can’t imagine myself being.  Wintergirls is about an anorexic girl, Thirteen Reasons Why is about a suicidal girl, and Dope Sick talks about a teen age drug dealer.

 -Rebecca, Teen Center Advisor