Get Crafty!

 I like to make crafts because I enjoy imagining something in my head and then creating it into a project. My friends also love art and crafts. Sometimes we create things together, and sometimes I make them by myself.
Over spring break I was inspired by the book Because of Winn-Dixie. The book has a library in it, so it made me want to create my own paper library building as a craft. First I made a box with the red paper, and then created a roof with a different color. Then I added windows and doors.

The book’s design.

I read a lot of books, but I just don’t have enough bookmarks around the house and I keep losing my place. Instead of buying bookmarks I decided to make one. I found the book Big Book of Papercrafts: 40 stunning projects at my local library and got inspired by the Woven Bookmark project on page 116. I came up with a different design for the top part of my bookmark. The pictures show how I changed my bookmark from the book’s design.

You can get inspired too. Try reading one of these crafty books at the library, and make sure to check out the crafty programs at the library this summer.
–Van, Teen Blogger

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