Teen Reviews – Shift

ShiftTitle: Shift

Author: Jennifer Bradbury

Summary: Shift is about best friends from West Virginia. After two 18-year -old guys graduate from high school, they go off onto a bike trip from West Virginia to the Pacific Ocean.  When they are about three-fourths of the way finished, one of them disappears.

I started reading it because . . .  I like to read books with mystery or suspense.

I kept reading because . . . I got into the book. When I kept reading this book I didn’t want to stop reading.

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To: The guy that finished the bike ride would be voted Most Likely To Succeed. And the other guy would be Most Likely To be a Weirdo.

Six Word Recap: One great suspenseful book to read.

This book reminded me of: Nothing!

Shane, YES intern

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