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Summer Bliss–Submit your own short fiction

Submit your short works of fiction to be published right here on Push To Talk.  Email entries to pushtotalk@spl.org.

Summer Bliss

The curious child peeks around the corner and cautiously looks into the pale pink room. The bright fluorescent lighting shines on the stark white counters. The pots and pans hanging on the wall sparkle in the light coming through the open window. Outside the grass is a luscious green and the sky is a pure blue. A few puffy white clouds are in sight. The bees float lazily along, drunk on the air heavy with pollen and the scent of honey.

The child creeps up to the big silver double doors. She opens the left one and pulls out a colorful cardboard carton. Plastic covers the precious contents. The child rummages around in a drawer for awhile and pulls out a gleaming pair of green scissors. She rips off the plastic and then pulls a spoon from another drawer. She digs her spoon in and samples the cold creamy goodness.

Looking around she sneaks out of the room with her treasure under her arm. Back around the corner, through the house, out the back door, and up to her tree house, she samples the ice cream the whole way.

 Finally satisfied she lays back and feels the cool summer breeze wash her cares away. The empty carton and a sticky spoon lay next to her.

Then her mother calls her from the pale pink kitchen window.

Simone, Teen Advisor
Northeast Branch