Teen Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Movie)

What would you do if a 70-mile wide long asteroid was headed for earth and you had a limited time to live before the world ended? Well, in this funny yet outlandish film you’ll find out what a group of people do on their last days. This film although unique with its plot (as you will find) is at the same time rather spontaneous in the sharp ups and downs and dramatic tone shifts.

The movie is centered on two characters who seemingly “find” each other in the most unlikely of circumstances. Dodge is now a divorced middle-age man who fears spending his last days alone after making the untimely discovery his wife has left him. Linda is one of his next door neighbors who he’s managed to see coming and going here and there. She’s a British woman who comes to him (crawled to his window crying actually) with the sad realization she may never see her family again. Dodge has likewise set his mind on an “end of the world goal”. His goal is to find his high school sweetheart in time to tell her how he truly feels.

The two eventually commit and team up to help each other reach their goals. Through Dodge and Linda’s ups and downs crazy things occur as the plans course for their goals go a bit haywire. The closer they come to their goals the closer the world comes to an end—literally in this unique film starring Steve Carell, (Dodge) Keira Knightley, (Linda) and Melanie Lynskey (Karen).

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