Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Dating Tips for the Google User Part 2

Here at Push To Talk Headquarters, we are dedicated to helping you get your homework done! We also have some advice for you about dating.

Previously on Dating Tips for the Google User:  We recommended that you figure out what you’re looking for before you start searching so you don’t end up with a loser.

Tip #2: Be prepared to change your search as you go.

As you search, you might find new ideas or change your mind about what you’re looking for. In an online dating context, you might start to think, “I’d rather go out with someone who’s into sports than someone who’s a musician.” Or, if you’re doing research for a homework assignment on genetic engineering (rather than looking for the love of your life), you might become more interested in genetically modified plants than test-tube animals.

You might decide to focus your search on particular types of genetically modified food, like mutant tomatoes. If so, narrow your search by adding more search terms, just like you would if you decided you only wanted to date people with dolphin tattoos.

On the other hand, you might realize you’ve limited yourself too much. If so, broaden your search by removing terms such as “dolphin” or “tattoos” from your online dating search. Back in homework land, stick with the wide topic “genetically modified organisms” to include all types of genetically engineered things.

Next time on Dating Tips for the Google User: Find out as much as you can about your options before you say yes.

More help with homework from The Seattle Public Library.

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