Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Dating Tips for the Google User Part 3

Here at Push To Talk Headquarters, we are dedicated to helping you get your homework done! We also have some advice for you about dating.

Previously on Dating Tips for the Google User: We recommended that you brainstorm before you start searching and change your search as new ideas come up.

Tip #3: Find out as much as you can about your options before you say yes.

You’ve finally started searching and now you’re sitting there looking at a page full of profiles of potential boyfriends or girlfriends. Which one should you choose? You don’t really want to go out with the first person who asks you, do you? You probably want to know more about them before you say yes.

Fortunately, most online dating sites give you some information right there on the search results page. This allows you to weed out the ones who live 100 miles away. Over at Google, they also provide you with lots of handy information about the sites you’ve found.

You can tell a lot about a site by its URL (is it a dot-com, a dot-org, a dot-gov, a dot-edu?). You’ll also find the date it was published (is this one too old for you?). There will be an excerpt from the site, just like those mottoes people post on their online dating profiles (are you more interested in a “fun-loving computer geek” or a “romantic poet”?). And you can see how many times other people have cited this source (this is one is super popular!).

Taking a moment to glance over this information before you click can save you time in the long run—plus prevent any of those awkward moments when you show up at someone’s door only to discover they have a pet python and have to come up with a believable excuse for beating a hasty retreat.

Next time on Dating Tips for the Google User: Keep digging—first impressions can be deceiving.

More help with homework from The Seattle Public Library.

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