School Advice: the Art in Forming Your Education

Have you ever made jokes about the “smart” kid in your class?  The jokes you make consisting of a deeper desire of your very own to be more like them, to share their love of school or even love the homework each night as they seem to?  Have you ever asked yourself what the “smart” kid possesses that you seem not to and why they seem so school inclined?

Well, I have the answer for you.  It’s not what you’re lacking that the smart kids have over you because everyone is smart in their own way even if they have yet to realize this.  Each and everyone has their own skill sets and things they can improve on. It’s not about memorizing the most math problems or figuring out the answer to why life exists that will make you smart; it’s your willingness to try.  What people, particularly students, fail to realize is that they do indeed control their own destiny one choice at a time. Thus being said it’s common knowledge that one would likewise control their own education level.

How, you ask me?  The simple answer is, reach for the moon and, even if you fall short you’ll land among the stars.  This quote is one that’s become notorious for its inspiring nature however, it like many other things, is not a miracle within words. Inspiration will not serve you fully, you need effort and desire to even attempt that venture to the moon.  The smart kid in your class wasn’t born with the innate love of school and like you they have those days they’d like to sleep away the hours under the bedspread but instead they don’t, they move forward.

The way you can optimize your education is to learn all you can.  However, I believe that the most important aspect to learning is skepticism.  This word means to question something, to not take something as it comes and to challenge its ideas without fully heartedly rejecting it or accepting it.  Teachers are there to teach you.  Many if not most children have the privilege to go to school for years, but few are willing enough to challenge the ideas of their teachers, and few know how to.  Skepticism is no warrant to be rude and disrespectful when opposing someone’s belief, skepticism is about challenging the idea and forming a belief of what you decide is valid, this differs from person to person. 

As soon as you learn the art of skepticism you’ll then be able to get a fully enriched educational experience because it’ll truly be you deciding what to believe and what not to. Teachers will teach, teachers are human and carry their own biases. Education isn’t for you to memorize facts, spit up information on a test or say what you think the teacher wants to hear, it’s about learning all you can and forming an informed opinion to hopefully reach some clarity on who you are and how you view the world.

Kendall, Teen Blogger

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