Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Dating Tips for the Google User Part 4

Here at Push To Talk Headquarters, we are dedicated to helping you get your homework done! We also have some advice for you about dating.

Previously on Dating Tips for the Google User: We recommended that you brainstorm before you start searching, change your search as new ideas come up, and not just say yes to the first option that comes up.

Tip #4: Keep digging—first impressions can be deceiving.

So you’ve finally agreed to that first date (or, as it’s known in web research land, clicked on the link for a website that looks like it might help you with your homework). Your date answers the door, looking all spiffy. You head off to your favorite café, talking about all the bands you both like. You both order mochas with whipped cream on the side. You’re sitting there, thinking, “This might be The One!” And then it happens: They take off their shoes and start biting their toenails.

Sometimes you just can’t know what someone is really like until you get to know them better. But sometimes you can do some sleuthing—or at least pay attention to the warning signs that were there all along.

The same is true for websites. Some things you can tell right away: More professional-looking sites tend to be more reliable—but not always! They might just have a slick wardrobe. It’s great if there’s an “About Us” section where they lay it all out for you. (Wouldn’t it be great if people came with one of those?)

However, there’s no guarantee the information they provide is true. You can do some more Googling to find out more about the person or organization responsible for a website. You can find out whether other people recommend them, just like you can ask around about someone you’re thinking of dating. Who knows what grief you might avoid?

Remember: The opposite of all this can be true as well. What seems like a lame website/person to date might turn out to be great if you give them a chance. Good luck with your homework research/love life!

More help with homework from The Seattle Public Library.

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