Volunteering with Teen Link: Phone Worker Training Today!

Are you interested in helping your peers? Need service learning hours for school and want to have fun while doing it? Not sure where or how to start volunteering or have been looking for a more meaningful way to do the time?

Look no further – Teen Link is for you!!

First off, what is Teen Link? Teen Link is a phone help line for empowering teens – open every night 6-10pm.  It offers support, understanding, resources, help, or just a friendly ear to struggling teens.  The cool thing about it is you talk to someone who gets it: another teen, just like you.  Someone who might have gone through something you have, or had a friend who has, or a family member.  Someone who gets trained to be a good listener, who volunteers their time to help improve teens’ lives, with no judgment.  It’s confidential and anonymous, and for everyone: problems big or small.  Talk about anything, from abuse, fears, self harm, suicidal thoughts and depression, addiction, and peer/parent/media pressures to day-to-day stress,  loneliness and isolation, insecurities, embarrassing stuff, home life, school problems or a friend problem, just to name a few subjects we get calls about!  I’m a volunteer, and I love it.  It’s volunteering with a bunch of other teenagers from all around Seattle, hanging out, and talking about teen issues and all that.  And going to service fairs with the Teen Link booth, to tell people about what we do. 

I’m just an outreach worker (getting the word out about how awesome Teen Link is), but this November and October there will be a phone worker training session, where teens get trained to talk on the helpline.  It only happens around twice a year, so don’t miss your chance – contact us now! 

Call the Teen Link number to ask about volunteering at 866-833-6546, or email Teenlink@crisisclinic.org.

For more information, check a website:
www.crisisclinic.org/youth.html or www.866teenlink.org/

Next information meeting: October 7th, 6:30-8pm.
Come to here more about the phone worker training, and meet your supervisors.

Next Outreach Orientation: October 14th, 3-4pm

The trainings will take place in a building near the Northgate Mall. Contact Teen Link for the exact location. The time commitment for the trainings is fairly big, but after the training you only need a few hours per month, and it’s so worth it. 

Getting involved would be being part of something that does real change in the community, with teens everywhere. I feel safe saying Teen Link is changing my life as much as I feel I’m changing others. You can make a difference in someone’s life.

Maria, Teen Blogger

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