Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Your Public Library Matchmaker…2

Here at Push To Talk Headquarters, we strive to be your homework resource Yenta.  That means finding a match for you that will solve your homework woes so you don’t have to sift through gazillions of Google search results. Although we’d also like to point out that Motel Kamzoil the Tailor is such a nice boy…

The great thing about homework resources is that you can “marry” more than one. Previously on Your Public Library Matchmaker, we told you about the 24/7 chat service Ask a Librarian. But what about when you get stuck on a tricky math problem? Or need someone to read over an essay? Or need helping drawing the structure of an atom? Well…

…we’d like to introduce you to Online Homework Help. If you’re looking for a resource that connects you with a real, live expert in a particular school subject, this is the match for you. It’s available every day from 1:00 to 10:00 pm in both English and Spanish. Once you connect with an expert tutor, you can ask questions via chat, draw diagrams on a whiteboard, even upload documents. Log in at the library on a computer with unlimited time or at home with your library card number and PIN.

Next time on Your Public Library Matchmaker: When you’re looking for a practice test for the SAT or ACT or other tests…

Meanwhile, more potential homework-related matches for you.

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