Sports for Everyone!

School’s back for another year, and now so are those fall sports: football, cross country, soccer, and volleyball.  And for those of us who spent summer with TV and ice cream (guilty) more than sports training, joining  a sport seems like a less than fun idea and even intimidating.  Still, joining a school sport has a ton of pros that make it completely worth it your while.  I’ll admit I’m biased: I play a fall sport, and I’m used to slipping into my role of recruiter, encouraging classmates to join cross country.  But this aside – just teen to teen – it’s not a conspiracy: people who do sports usually like it and would like to have you on their team.

Firstly, joining can help you make friends.  Or at least make connections – you have something to talk about and something to do together.  Also, upperclassman tend to adopt new freshman who are on their team.  Even if this sport isn’t your passion or favorite hobby, at the least you’ll get better at it.  I talked to a college freshman (who graduated from my high school) yesterday, who told me he made his first, second, and third friends when he joined cross country his sophomore year. 

Which leads me to my second point, you don’t have to do it all four years.  It’s not weird to just try it out.  I’m  going to be switching to swimming this winter just to try it, and that’s fine.  I’m all for giving a sport some time and a real effort to try and like it before quitting.  If a sport just isn’t fun or right don’t be afraid to stop or not do it the next year.  Disappointing your teammates is less important than how you feel about it, it is your life.  I’ve stopped a sport before, my world goes on. 

The best reason to do it though, is to get fit!  Having to go to practice and workout every day – just because someone is expecting you to be there – is a fast track to fitness.  

Lastly, if none of this has convinced you, just go to a game.  Bring some friends and support your friends.  Go crazy and cheer wildly, or just stop for a minute to tell a friend later you watched them in the game.  I think football games are especially fun, not that I watch football the whole time, it’s just fun to be cheering.

And volleyball games can be fairly fun too, probably a bit more fun for guys, let’s be real.  🙂


Maria, Teen Blogger

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