Seattle: Something fun to do!

How many of you have at least one day of your weekend totally free?  How many of you would like to do something fun and adventurous to fill that day with some memories?  Well, that is exactly how my best friend and I felt as of a few weeks ago.  We decided to hop on a bus and go, even if we didn’t know where we were going.  I’d always wanted to ride a bus to the end of its route and we did nearly that.  However, in the midst of our bus hopping fun we got off near the Seattle Center.

After moseying around for a few hours and sitting by the large fountain we went into the large food court type place that just so happened to be across from a man who was playing the saxophone quite well!  We decided to try a bit of everything.  From store to store we went buying little bits here and little bits there.  Before we knew it we’d consumed a piece of pizza, candy, hot chocolate and much more.  Our fun adventure likewise gave us a chance to catch up.

After we’d sat and chatted for a while we decided to venture back to our neck of the woods.  We popped into a local café and shared a fall-like treat.  Within moments we were watching people walk, leaves fall and cars pass.  We got an idea to write considering we’re both into writing and decided to write some poetry.  We each spent ten minutes crafting a poem and then read them aloud.  Mine was about the beauty within a single leaf that had fallen on a nearby table and hers was on the changing of seasons.  We spent a lot of time in that café before departing home.  It truly was one of the best fall adventures ever!  I highly recommend anyone who enjoys fall, hot cocoa, writing or anything of the sort to take a random bus, find a café and hang out with a friend, I guarantee it’ll brighten your blustery fall day quite a bit!

Kendall, Teen Blogger

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