Teen Feed & our own Josie!

Today we want to celebrate Josie from the University Branch for being the Community Partner of the Year with Teen Feed.

Josie’s response:  Thanks so much!  I do outreach on a monthly basis with Teen Feed.  We go out into the community and take food to homeless/street teens (which Teen Feed provides, Paige always brings in treats too).  I always go with a Teen Feed staff member, usually Andrew Brown and a Teen Feed peer intern.  This is one of the best outreach opportunities for the library because I answer a lot of reference questions and connect teens to other services in the U-District and Downtown.  About 40% of the teens I see are new and so I get to talk about library services, mostly the internet, Wi-Fi and uncataloged books.  The rest of the teens are regular patrons and so I get to talk with them about their life and make connections.  The outreach that I do with Teen Feed, Sanctuary Arts Center and the University District Youth Center really affects the teens’ attitudes while they are in the library.  For example,  when we have to enforce the rules of conduct, the teens don’t suspect we are targeting them because they are homeless, and for the most part comply. 🙂

Sounds like a win-win-win to us here at Push to Talk.  Making community connections, teaching people, and sharing resources is what the library is all about.

Teen Feed is always looking for volunteers and advocates to spread the word.  You can find out how (and more information besides) on their website.

Keep up the good work, Teen Feed & Josie!

If you know of an awesome community partner (or librarian!) in your neighborhood, let us know.  We’d love to shine the spotlight on them, too.  🙂


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