Slightly spooky reads

The Cavendish Home for Boys and GirlsLooking for something a little bit chilling (but not quite terrifying) to read this week? Give one of these a try–they’re perfect for middle schoolers looking for a bit of a fright.

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls stars Victoria, a perfect girl with perfect blonde ringlets who won’t stand for anything less than perfection. But then Lawrence, her only friend, disappears–along with lots of other children in town. And there are disgusting black roach-like bugs everywhere. And all of the adults in her life are smiling just a little too much. So Victoria may just have to learn how to break the rules to save her friend–and her town.

The Prince of Mist The Prince of Mist is a ghost story set during World War II. Max and Alicia’s father has moved the family to a seaside town where he thinks they will be safe from the bombs of war. But an evil power permeates the town, and the more Max and Alicia find out about the town’s history–of drownings, shipwrecks, and freakish garden statuary–the more afraid they become.

 In 13 Treasures, Tanya sees evil fairies that no one else can see. Her mother, fed up with her strange behavior, sends her to live with her unfriendly grandmother in a dark mansion, surrounded by threatening woods that Tanya is not allowed to enter. Soon, Tanya finds herself at the center of a decades-old mystery–and in great danger.13 Treasures

If none of these spooky reads spoke to you, why not ask us for some suggestions? Librarians are always happy to make a personalized reading list just for you.


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