Our Political System

Creative Commons – Cain and Todd Benson

 Watching the election unfold, I’m struck by two things: the negativity and the lack of compromise. I think that our country has become gridlocked, caught behind Democrats and Republicans who have crashed into each other. What can be done when neither side is willing to compromise, or even really negotiate? It’s not just one of the parties. Yes, it takes two to do the tango of getting laws passed. But it also takes two to sit with their arms petulantly crossed and cry “No!”

The other thing that disturbs me is how negative the campaigns and the American people are becoming. Instead of saying what they’ve done or will do, many politicians instead attack their opponents. Not only that, but U.S. citizens plaster the one they don’t want elected with very offensive things that, if they weren’t politicians, would be bullying. Why does the the campaign against bullying end in high school?

Our system also seems to encourage hypocrisy. Watching the debates, and the pundits afterwards, 2 things become clear: if the candidate lost, it was the moderator’s fault, and that it was being aggressive if it was your candidate and rude if it wasn’t. Shouldn’t we hold all our candidates to the same standards and expectations?

Written by Roxanne, Northeast branch Teen Advisor

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