School: Tips for a successful year and beyond

Have you ever looked down at your binder that so happens to be in such disarray you cannot seem to find that biology paper, language arts essay or scrap of paper you scribbled a history fact onto and wondered to yourself, how did this happen?  More often than not, the disorganization kicks in about a month or two after school starts, that is, after the “new” of school stops.  As my new geometry teacher seems to like to say, “the key to success is organization.” 

After hearing this I chose to really think about what he meant.  I believe that he didn’t just mean in terms of your binders to be organized; I think he was aiming for a deeper meaning.  A meaning that represented an organization in life, where one would find their balance to both have a social and school life as well as down time for themselves.  The reason for this theory is that if you have this so called “organization” then you’ll be able to achieve your dreams with a level head and an ambition that’s unstoppable. First rule of success: Strive to be organized.

Have you ever panicked when you look over at your friend who just so happens to be rambling about attending college when they are a freshman thinking “I’m not like that, how will I ever succeed?” Okay, okay, maybe that’s just me but I’ve also been the “over-achiever” so to speak.  More often than not these types of people do go on to succeed but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the straight A type and they are to be learned from.  Why you ask?  Due to their passion about this or that what ever that thing may be.  The people who speak like this tend to have an almost singular thirst or ambition to explore and hopefully find a career in their desired interest, yes?  Well, I believe it’s that factor that sets them apart from most people because they’ve found their interest.  How you ask?  Well, interests don’t tend to magically appear – these people go out and look for experiences, music, books, etc. that will hopefully inform them enough into deciding if their interest in a particular thing is at all attainable for them.  Everyone can and should attain a hunger for knowledge in a particular thing because if you have that you’ll go anywhere because you’ll have a rare passion for what you love and believe it or not once you find this your grades will soar because you will have found motivation that you may have lacked before.  Second rule of success: Find your passion.

The third rule isn’t one that can be properly explained with words in my opinion.  The “rule” happens to be trust and its meaning can vary from person to person.  Trust in yourself, your abilities and your ambition to never get lost or fade.  I also believe that once you’ve found trust you’ll have a life raft so to speak: I say this meaning if you get lost you’ll always be able to find yourself again.  However, as I said before, trust is likely the hardest part to attain in this equation and trust is a definition unique to you and you only.  Third and final key to success: Finding the definition of trust that suits you.

Kendall, Teen Blogger

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