Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Choose Your Own (School Reading Assignment) Adventure…2

You walk into Language Arts class and see the next assignment on the board: “Read a memoir or autobiography by someone who overcame hardship…”

If you decide to use Novelist, which you explored on your last adventure, go to the previous Push To Talk blog post

If you want to try a different option for finding books, keep reading.

Novelist was helpful, but this sounds like something you’d like to get advice about from a real live person. You look around the classroom, hoping to see someone who could help…

If you see someone pulling out a list with HARDSHIP AUTOBIOGRAPHIES written in huge letters at the top, go sit by them and offer them the butterscotch pudding you brought for your lunch in exchange for a copy of the list.

If you see a room full of people with blank looks on their faces, keep reading.

You head to The Seattle Public Library’s website (www.spl.org) and notice a link for Ask a Librarian, so you click on it. There are lots of options here…

If you decide to use chat or phone, you’re connected fairly quickly with a librarian who finds out what you’re looking for and then takes a little time to come up with some suggestions for you. If you decide to use email, your message goes to a librarian who might take 24 hours to get back to you (so it might take longer but you might get better suggestions).

In either case, you put some of the suggested books on hold so you can go to your library branch and pick them up in a few days. Your next adventure is reading one of these books!

Although you might want to do something about that horde of zombies that has shuffled so close you can now hear them moaning “Braaaainssss.” You pause to wonder why your school has continued to hold classes in this zombie-infested building, then head to the gym, where you might be able to find some sports equipment to fend them off with…

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