Teen Reviews: The Magicians

Title and Author:

The Magicians, by Lev Grossman

Three Sentence Summary:

The Magicians is a portrayal of teenage identity exploration through a world of magic. We explore the world of magic through the eyes of Quentin Coldwater, an intelligent but antisocial teenage boy living in Brooklyn who is accepted into an exclusive magical college. The Magicians is an angst-filled Harry Potter reboot with themes of loss and self fulfillment that are never fully realized.

If I were trying to get a friend to read this book, I’d be sure to mention:

This book focuses more on plot development and having us really get inside Quentin’s head before it introduces any romantic elements and after they are introduced, they definitely take a back seat to Quentin’s development as a character.

If I could give the main character some advice I’d tell him to:

I’d tell Quentin not to get so caught up in what he should be doing and how he thinks he needs to feel, and make reasonable goals for himself and strive to achieve those goals.

If I were stuck with the main characters on a deserted island I’d probably:

Ask them to turn us into geese so that we could fly back to wherever we came from.

I would especially recommend this book for readers who like:

Fantasy that’s not too heavily focused on the magical world and is more driven by plot.

The cover was awesome because:

It doesn’t give anything away about the story but once you read it the cover has a lot of signifiance.

Bonus Factor:

A great cast of characters, but also MAGIC!!!!


Hope you have a great library experience!

–Theresa, Teen Center Adviser, 15

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