Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Choose Your Own (School Reading Assignment) Adventure…4

Since your school was invaded by a horde of zombies, you’ve been hiding out with the other survivors at the local public library. You log on to your Language Arts class website to see if your teacher has posted an assignment, but the latest post just says, “Braaaainssss.” Your teacher must have succumbed to the zombies. You now have some time on your hands, so you decide to find something good to read…

If you decide to use Books & More, which you explored on your last adventure, go to this Push To Talk blog post

If you decide to use Ask a Librarian, which you explored on the adventure before that, go to this post

If you decide to use Novelist, which you explored on the adventure before that, go to this post

If you decide to try something new because living on the run from zombies has given you a taste for adventure, keep reading.

You head back to The Seattle Public Library’s website (www.spl.org) and the link for Teens, wondering if there’s something you missed on your last visit. Sure enough, there’s a link for something called Your Next 5 Books, which you click on…

If you decide to fill out the form, describing the kinds of books you like to read, you’ll hear back from a librarian within 24 hours with a list of five books chosen just for you. You might mention that the books need to be checked in at the library where you’re hiding out, on account of the zombies between you and any other library branch.

If you realize, “Hey, I’m in a library. I could just ask a librarian for some good book suggestions,” keep reading.

The librarian you talk to says, “Sure! I’ll be happy to find you something good to read.” She has just finished filing the edge of a clipboard into a blade that’s sharp enough to take off a zombie’s head. From the other side of the library comes the sound of breaking glass. The zombies have broken through the barricade of bookshelves against the windows. “Let me just take care of this real quick and I’ll be right with you,” the librarian says, hefting the clipboard. “Eating is not allowed in the library. Especially not eating brains.” You hope she comes back soon with some books. You’re really in the mood for a good adventure.

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