Watching The New Normal

If you are a Glee fan, listen up.  On September 10th a new wonderful Ryan Murphy show began.  It is called The New Normal.  The show follows a gay couple, Bryan and David, who are trying to have a child via surrogate.  Their surrogate’s name is Goldie and she has a young daughter named Shania.  Bryan and David want to be involved in Goldie’s life while she is pregnant, so they invite Goldie and Shania to stay in their guest house, causing many entertaining storylines.  But the unfortunate result of this is Goldie’s grandmother popping in and dampening Bryan and David’s happiness of a new child.  She is openly against gays, which causes even more drama and famously hilarious Ryan Murphy lines.

The storyline is great, and I think it is a good subject matter to make people more aware of.  I personally love the connections between Glee and The New Normal.  For one, Bryan is a television producer, just as Ryan Murphy is.  Even funnier is that one of the people on the show he produces is named Clea, an obvious Glee reference that I loved.  If you are interested in a light hearted, fun show, tune in to NBC on Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c.  You can also check out more Ryan Murphy works, such as Glee and American Horror Story, from your local library.  Enjoy!

Maddy, Northeast Teen Adviser

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