Teen Review: Bad Taste in Boys

Title:  Bad Taste in Boys

Author:  Carrie Harris

Summary:  Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school’s football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating get to her or her friends.

Khoa’s summary: Super smarty Kate Grable gets to play doctor on the school football team.  She does it to get her college application good but also to be close to her quarterback crush.  But then something disturbing happens, Kate finds out that the coach is giving the players steroids, but after testing it, it is not actually steroids.  Whatever that vial is, it is causing the players to become zombies, and unless she can find an antidote, no one is safe!!

I started reading it because… the books look interesting; I really like mysterious books and it was on my school’s Bulldogs Reads.

I kept reading because… Even though this book has a main character of a girl, when I start reading it I can see the character come to life, and it really makes me curious what will happen next.

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To Be: The next famous doctor.

Six Word Recap: Teen girl faces really dangerous zombies.

This book reminded me of Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry because the two books are related to zombies and scary stuff. It is mysterious, cool and a really good read.

Author’s Website: Carrie’s Blog

Khoa, Teen Blogger, Delridge

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