Where did all the memories go?

The digital age has had many effects. People are less social, choosing to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites to interact in the place of human-to-human contact. Businesses have been able increase productivity, and information is much less accessible. Many people cannot imagine a life without the internet. However, despite all its benefits, and some of its downfalls, there is one negative affect that has not been discussed.

writing_a_letterIn the past, there were no e-mails, texts, or Facebook.  People sent letters, postcards, and pictures.  Things weren’t saved on-line or on a computer.  They were written down.  Much has been written about how the digital age has affected the literary industry.  But no one talks about the memories it has affected.  We no longer have the letters and postcards we sent to our parents.  We don’t keep our report cards anymore because they’re online and we can check them as often as we want to.  We keep digital albums of our pictures.  And though some continue to write journals, many prefer to document their lives through blogs.

This transfer of memories from paper to computers makes it much harder to flip through memories.  We can’t stumble across boxes of our old documents and take a trip down memory lane.  We can’t see our progression as writers and people develop through letters and journal entries.  And even though we still have many photos, the multitude that we have makes it much harder to find those that are truly significant.

The digital age has made it easier to hold onto memories, but it has made it much harder to retrieve them.

Roxanne, Northeast Teen Adviser

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