Junior Year OH MY!

student-studyingI remember sitting in history class recently trying to finish a project, buy my mind just wasn’t there.  All I kept thinking about was how I had to finish so many assignments that night, the next night, and the one after that.  I was beginning to wonder, how I would make it to Friday.  I thought to myself this is Junior Year.

As I sat at lunch still in this daze, I realized that I needed to change my mindset.  I would not crumble under the seemingly endless stack of HW, and would not be fazed by the AP tests, Subject Tests, and the SAT in the near future.

I’ve decided to make two big changes in how I study, and I’m hoping they help me cut down on school-related stress, and actually get better grades at the same time.

The first thing I forced myself to realize is how ineffective my studying is.  I like many others are hooked on social media, and to my phone.  I constantly check my fb, instagram, and people.com app among others about a hundred times a day.  I always check them “for one minute” which turns into 5, then 10, and then 30 ALL the time.  So, I am going to try minimize my use of social media (and texting) over the next couple weeks and see what kind of difference that makes!

The second thing I realized is that I needed to take better notes in class.  I am that kid who will be sitting and typing away throughout the entire period, but it is no use.  As I type, type, type, I am not understanding or learning any of the information.  Instead I am putting words on a page that make no sense, or that I will have to go over again, and again to memorize it later that night.  I made a decision to go back to the old fashioned, pen and paper.  There is serious truth to the fact that one can learn more by writing things down.  Not only that, but I can be more selective in what I write down (because writing notes by hand for an hour or two is not going to happen), and I’m hoping it helps me to avoid getting bogged down in the useless details!

I am going to try to study more effectively and take better notes, and I hope it makes for a better rest of Junior Year!

Priya, Northeast Teen Adviser

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