Four On A Theme: Spoken Word Poetry

What do you think of when you hear the word poetry? Classrooms and books? Quill pens and English accents? How about teenagers just like us talking about what’s important? If the last one sounds interesting to you, try checking out these books about spoken word poetry!

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slams are spoken word poetry competitions. This book gives some great info on performance, how to memorize poems, be in a poetry slam, or even run your own!

Outspoken Book Cover from SPL website

This book gives great advice on how to perfect your poetry performance. It offers information on how to both write poetry for performance and present it. It has an instructional format that makes learning a lot easier!


Poetry Speaks

This showcase of teen poetry is a prefect introduction to spoken word poetry. Although it’s in written format, it gives a great perspective and has some amazing poems!

Word Warriors

Women and oral poetry have always had a strong historical connection. Word Warriors explores that connection through an examination of the bond between feminism and the slam poetry movement.

–Theresa, 15, Teen Center Adviser

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